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They're not even fully naked. Sex milf feet. These kids have been doing it every year for a long time so it's not like it's suddenly exploitative. Nude xmas cards. Aside from that little bit, you really see nothing of Mom in either photo.

We're really, really good at imposing our morality on other people heck, witness my previous comment wherein I impose my morality re: Whatever he thinks these photos prove, they don't. I appreciate your viewpoints on this topic, klang, and I don't think having a weird opinion makes you wrong whether your opinion is the 0. I hope you're also teaching them kung fu, because they're really going to need it in junior high.

There's nothing even remotely sexual about these images. This wasn't discriminatory and did not affect the health and well being of anyone. I'm sure this guy's blog post about his annoying Christmas cards will have a huge effect on the company's bottom line.

I'm stuck on the "bribed with candy to get naked" part. The crime is such that someone doesn't need to actually be a pedophile to be charged with a crime. Christina ricci nude naked. I'm not "scared of karaoke" either, but I don't particularly think sending either your nekkid pictures or a recording of you mangling "Highway to Hell" makes for a good Christmas card. It's not the nudity per se, it's the idea that its a continuing tradition.

There's no way they knocked this out in less than 45 minutes of cat-corralling. People, it's the human body. Maybe something like this would have been more tasteful. I don't think nudity is creepy. I know, I know. We've told people never to come back just because they were jerks and we didn't want them around.

If this guy came in to print this I probably would've done it. Another pretentious clod seeking attention on teh intarwebz. Like I said, it's a no-fun answer. And last but not least, showing a card that not only demonstrates your ability to scar your own children, but is likely to do the same to any child who sees your card and any adult who has ever watched "It" is not an appropriate action nor Christmas card.

Disingenuous rhetorical questions and strawmanning do an awfully good job. Hot nude mods. What bothers me the most about this whole thing -- other than the "quirky" aspect that folks got right on earlier in the comments -- is that while some might find it "cute and wacky and harmless" and some might find it "fucking creepy" -- I'm assuming that this guy doesn't knowingly have any pedophiles on his Christmas card mailing list, so he's, for the most part, within control of the audience that sees his card if he just gets it printed and STFU.

I take naked babies, sit them on a gigantic ink pad, and then press their cute little butts to a plain white canvas. Maybe my perspective is a little bit weird here "Maybe"? It'd be one thing if it were just him and his wife, it's a completely different ballgame with kids involved.

If you are happy with this, do you also support pharmacists who don't "feel comfortable" giving out birth control pills, or RU or anything else that goes against their personal beliefs? I think EmpressCallipygos is spot on. One of those talking ones.

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In an exclusive interview with VogueEmily revealed that she took a unique approach to creating homemade Christmas cards for her closest family and friends this year. I took photos of my kid's naked butt. Misha highstead nude. Feel free to join his crusade or not.

And good lord, I also hope they're homeschooled. FedEx Office didn't invent the level of scrutiny on this stuff, and those of us who understand that they may need policies for their own protection aren't crazy nude-o-phobes. Nude xmas cards. What if it's coming from inside the house?!! And it's kinda hypocritical to make them nude and then cover up with apron and shorts yourselves. BTW -- for those not familiar with the blog's author, Robert X.

I didn't see you come in. I'm sorry you feel my questions were disingenuous. I don't think it's necessary creepy, within the confines of your own home, to dress your year-old daughter up as a year-old lounge whore Weirdly, that seems even creepier than a beauty pageant to me. Sarah hyland leaked lesbian nudes. So would it have been better, then, if this family just sent the naked pictures of their kids to family and friends? Eh, it gets a raised eyebrow- not because I'm outraged or creeped out or anything, but because an otherwise intelligent intelligent person thought to themselves 'hey, it's time to get the nude pics of the family down to Kinko's to be copied for Christmas cards.

I think EmpressCallipygos is spot on. The likelihood of a sex offender in your area seeing something you post on the internet that features your name, location, and a photo of your naked kids? Yeah, I'm apparently socially maladjusted. What else would you expect?

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It appears to be missing. Or do you think this photo might create pedophiles? Keep your dick more to the right this time". Holy cow, these people are in South Carolina. I think if he wanted a nude card fine, just keep the kids out of it.

Interestingly, this is exactly what American law does: This is a family restaurant. Yet some how the vile South Park Christmas Poo is allowed to live on year after year. Why does this piss you off so much? And if the picture had just the adult couple in it it would be kinda, sorta, not-really cute. Nude amatur girls. As far a straw man arguments, well, I'd have to go back and review, but I also didn't realize how upset it might make someone.

We call them snicker nude ls, ha, ha! I don't think it is.

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But seriously, I'm creeped out by it. I took photos of my kid's naked butt. It isn't about what's sexual or tasteful, it's about taking a "tradition" too far because you don't care about your old-enough-to-have-a-choice children's well-being. Big tits and asd. Kim kardashian topless tits Creepier still those "What we did this past year" reports, printed on colored paper.

And in Charleston, no less--hoo-hoo! What if my wife falls into a deep depression and drives my kids into a lake? Reality TV show in the making? I'm guessing it's not Belgium. We don't know, and the parents don't know, and the kid may not know because he's a kid and arguably couldn't even consent to this family activity if he wanted to.

Agreeing is an action, and it's not a solitary one by definition. Kids at that age should be given their due privacy, and you can make the coercion sound cute by buying gummy worms or whatever, but it's not at all fair when the kid can't really refuse.

The question is "what if a pedophile sees this, then hunts my kids down terminator style" And I think the chances are pretty low.

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