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Sonic groans and begins rubbing Amy's clitoris with his left hand as he pinches her nipples with his right hand. The whole city could probably hear her screaming out.

She stroked him up and down slowly. Women naked and bound. Your review has been posted. Sonic rouge nude. Yet already he was the one that wanted to get it on. Rouge is surprised when Sonic spanks her firm backside. Anyway, Enjoy Little Treat 3! Sonic's body became more sensitive in the process. Elise continued to hump and kiss him for a while, then broke away. The white furred bat, Rouge, chuckled as she slipped in Tails' lab before the garage door closed.

And do not doubt the qualifier "unlikely" - they're gonna have to get down and dirty if they'd like to win. Ford models nude. An unlikely competition for the Chaos Emeralds pits our favorite heroes against each other. Amy begins squeezing her nipples as she writhes in pleasure on top of Sonic.

Amy gets the first few jets of the speedster's load, then Rouge gets the next few jets. Then… he moved to her breasts. Sonic motions Amy over and has her sit on his face again. Tails winced, but forgot fairly quickly at the sight of the naked, cum-covered babe in front of him.

Her technique was unlike Sonic had ever experienced before — she was an expert with her tongue, licking in ways that made him shiver and moan intensely. For the sweet scent that men will die for! She squeezed her breast together and moaned at the sensitivity and feeling of it. Another loud moan comes from the rose-pink hedgehog and she starts gyrating her hips, making Sonic's tongue go deeper into her pulsing womanhood.

His hands also come up and start rubbing Amy's large nipples. Everything was nice and sweet…" he said. The pink hedgehog turns to her blue boyfriend. It had been like that for quite a long time. Rouge smiled and leaned toward him. Lesbian kissing wild. Amy gives Rouge a territorial growl and then continues kissing Sonic until Rouge pulls her off and begins kissing him.

He's been here the whole time. This is a SonAmy Rouge lemon requested by name kept anonymous by request. And you better make me cum.

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After a crazy time with Vanilla the previous day, Knuckles decided to take it a little easy.

She then took out a T-shirt and a pair jeans as well. Get paid to be naked. Sonic's body became more sensitive in the process. Then another weird thing happened, Sonic had a flashback. She said, "Yeah, it was pretty funny" then giggled, a girlish giggle at that.

His voice was absolutely overflowing with a pure masculine sensuality that had Rouge's knees growing weak. Once they reach Amy's house, Sonic smiles at Amy. The princess turned her back to Sonic and said, "Undo my zipper.

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The orange two-tailed fox was hoping that this upcoming invention would help move humanity one step closer to a peaceful future. He signals Amy to tell Rouge to start riding him again. Her toned stomach was now in full sight. How about you take everything off and get relaxed He put down the soldering iron as he picked up his wrist communicator and answered it.

Sonic returns from his extended run, sweating from his efforts. Black girl lesbian porn videos. Maybe have a drink or two and relax. Sonic rouge nude. Amy goes a little faster, making Rouge smile. Even then she had prided herself on being able to take care of herself. I want it faster! Shadow then walked up to her and said, "So how's my cute girl? Sonic Ah, Soleanna, Sonic thought. This incomprehensible feeling, one Rouge had never felt before, so warm and tingly, flooded through her as Shadow the Hedgehog began to wash her body.

Your review has been posted. Sonic spanks Amy and speeds up his thrusting, also beginning to rub and pinch Amy's dark pink nipples. Live milf sex cams. Tails spun in his office chair and found himself face to face with none other than Rouge the Bat.

He resumed his thrusting with the princess fully ass up, one of the best views Sonic would see in his entire life. Giving a low growl, the blue blur begins doing the same to Rouge's neck and shoulders. Each lick makes Rouge scream loudly. Sonic was speechless, and she blushed at the sight of him.

You may go faster Rouge. Testing the doorknob, Sonic finds the door is open, so he walks inside and calls for his lover.

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Gently he sat her on the heart shaped bed that lay in the middle of the room and kissed her on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Amy works the strap-on off of Rouge and puts it on herself. Shadow shrugged nonchalantly, but Rouge watched as something suddenly lit up in his eyes and a smug smile spread on his face. He does, and Amy buries her tongue as far as she can, also giving Rouge's well-shaped rear several hard spanks. Hardcore butch lesbian porn. Shadow didn't seem to mind. Before Rouge knew it, she was sitting on the cold rim of the tub, though that cold was easily overcome by the incredible heat Shadow was causing between her legs.

Rouge grabs Sonic's hand as she begs for him to give her more of him. Feeling a mad rush of embarrassment from being reduced to a love struck school-girl, Rouge slowly looked up to Shadow.

Knowing there was no way she could clean off all the stains and unsightly blemishes on the cat suit, she sighed and threw the ruined garment into a little disposal bin that sat in a corner. Sonic rouge nude. Sexy girl gets punished If you were to ask what she was doing, she'd say something like she was sent by G. Rouge begins to gyrate her shapely hips as she starts pinching her tan-colored nipples.

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